AER Portrait is a portrait studio dedicated to capturing dramatic, artistic photos that celebrate your beauty and your story.



Celebrate the years of dedication and hard work put into mastering your art form by capturing your talents in a series of creative & dramatic portraits.



Celebrate the countless hours in the gym.  Celebrate the sore muscles.  We'll create artwork with your body, utilizing light and shadows to showcase your fitness and strength.



Sexy is NOT a body type; it's a mindset.  Rediscover your sexy and celebrate your femininity as we create a series of images to forever remind you of your beauty.

Celebrate your TALENTS.

You've spent years practicing, rehearsing, and training as a performer.  You probably have tons of photos of past performances but, performances are about the show and story you are trying to tell.  Have you ever taken the time to truly celebrate your talents?  This session is all about YOU.  Together, we'll capture a series of images showcasing your talents as artwork for your home.


Celebrate your STRENGTH.

Celebrate the countless hours spent in the gym or studio practicing, rehearsing, failing, and trying again.  Celebrate the mornings of waking up so sore that it hurts to just get out bed.  You've worked hard! You may not yet have reached your goals but, you have come a long way from the start and that is something worth celebrating!

A Body Art session is all about showcasing the muscles and curves that you have created through months and years of hard work and turning them into dramatic and beautiful artwork.  


Celebrate your FEMININITY.

I've heard the excuses.  Yes, I said it, EXCUSES.  Countless times I've heard, "I have always wanted to do a boudoir session!" and then it is followed by the worst three letter word, "BUT."  "But, I need to lose ten pounds first."  "But, I don't look like so and so."  The list could go on and on.  I would argue that that those excuses are really reasons to book a session immediately!

Sexy is a state of mind, not a body type.  In a world dominated by controlling and encouraging unrealistic beauty standards, especially for women, celebrate your unique beauty! Let these portraits forever remind you that even on days where you just don’t feel beautiful, you are!