Welcome to Aer, a studio focused on capturing your talents as a performer in creative and dramatic fashion.

Whether you fly through air on silks or light up the stage with fire fans, Aer combines years of experience capturing the performing arts with your talents in a collaboration that transforms split second instances of creative magic into artwork for your home!  



Louisville Aerial Arts portraiture at its best.  With years of experience capturing Louisville aerialists, Aer Portrait will capture your talents as a performer in creative, dramatic fashion.


Louisville Dance Photography by Aer Portrait captures the grace of your movements in creative imagery.                                                                                                                  


Not an aerialist or dancer?  That's ok!  Aer Portrait is dedicated to creating dramatic portraits of all different performing artists in Louisville.                                                

The aerial arts combine strength, beauty, grace, and power into a single move or sequence.  Aer specializes in capturing all of these aspects in dramatic and impactful imagery that transforms the aerial arts into artwork for your home.

Aer Portrait 1
Aer Portrait 2
Aer Portrait 3