CirqueLouis' East of the Sun

On June 9th and 10th, CirqueLouis' production of East of the Sun, a Norwegian fairytale that has similarities to the story of Beauty and the Beast, invited the audience at Iroquois Amphitheater to follow Rose as she travelled in search of her lost love.  Once again, CirqueLouis has outdone themselves with amazing costuming, makeup, choreography, and a variety of new circus acts including a custom made moon-shaped lyra.



Louisville Turners Circus 67th Annual Circus: Stagecoach

Two weekends, eight shows, over one hundred performers and volunteers, and three months of practicing with even more months of planning and preparing, is what it takes to put on Louisville Turners annual circus performance.  For sixty-seven consecutive years, Louisville Turners has enamored the Louisville community with high flying aerial acts, stunning ground acrobatics, and simply awe inspiring fire routines.  This year, Turners invites you to travel back to the 1840's and tag along on their journey by Stagecoach to the Wild West in search of gold and a better a life. 


Turners' annual circus is one of my favorites to photograph.  Because there are eight show times, I have the opportunity to experiment with different vantage points, lenses, techniques, and more throughout the course of the two weekends.  This gives me the freedom to push my own photographic boundaries without fear of not adequately covering the show.  The first couple of shows I will photograph the same way I would as if they were the only two shows; after that, it's play time.  For the rest of the shows, I'll put limits on myself like only shooting with one lens, incorporating lens flare, or a compositional restriction, just to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.  Usually, I end up with some of my favorite photos from doing this.

The photo below came from forcing myself to go to a different vantage point than I normally shoot Ladders.  This apparatus has been one I feel like I've struggled to get a great shot of over the last few years. For the most part, I've always stood directly in front of the ladders and focused on one pair of performers for a while and then moved on to the next pair and so on. I decided to switch things up a bit and moved over to the side and grabbed a wider lens. I love seeing all three ladders in the front row in this one shot! This is probably my favorite Ladders photo I've ever captured!

Louisville Performing Arts Photography - Turners Circus - AER Portrait 42

If you have not gone to see Louisville Turners Circus' Stagecoach, I highly encourage you do so this weekend.  Four more shows from Friday through Sunday will be performed at their gym on River Road.  For more information follow this link

Below are some of my favorite images from the first weekend of shows.  The full gallery of photos from Stagecoach will go live on Monday, March 20th.  Follow the link below to be notified as soon as the gallery is live!

Louisville Turners Circus: Stagecoach Gallery

Louisville Turners Revue: Fireside

Circus season is back!  Louisville Turners hosted their first revue of 2017, Fireside.  The evening was full of performances from mostly students and just a couple of instructors at Turners showcasing their skills on silks, lyra, and pole.

This was the last showcase before Turners' annual circus; A.K.A. my last chance to get back in the groove of photographing a live aerial arts performance.  There were some definite signs of rust early on in the show but, all in all I captured some great images of these talented performers!

Next stop, Louisville Turners Circus: Stagecoach!

Click the link and check out the pictures below and more!  Turners Circus Revue: Fireside

Circus Season 2017 is here!

Circus Season 2017 is here!

Rehearsal for Louisville Turners Circus' annual circus is underway!  All of the performers have been sharing their excitement for the upcoming months on social media so I thought I would join in!  Check out some of my favorite images from previous circuses!

CirqueLouis' Pinocchio

Friday night, CirqueLouis' production of Pinocchio dazzled the sold out crowd at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts' Bomhard Theater.  I have been excited to see this show ever since I filmed the promotional video back in early November.  While at the time choreography was still in a "draft" state, I knew that the show was going to be great and I could not wait to see and photograph the final production!

CirqueLouis - Louisville Performing Arts Photography - Aer Portrait-12.JPG

Incredible costumes and make-up complimented the already amazingly talented performers flying through the air in their rendition of the century old Italian fairy tale classic.  The level of detail that went into each character's appearance was on a level never before reached by CirqueLouis.  Creative director Christine Moondancer's has true talent for costume design.  It's incredible to see her visions come to life. Make-up artist Katrina Gay spent roughly six hours getting everyone's make-up on prior to the show.  She then followed up those long hours by touching up faces as needed throughout the show and then going out on stage herself to perform in the Land of Merriment scene in Act 2!

It has been incredible to watch CirqueLouis explode onto the Louisville Performing Arts scene in its short year and half long history!  Congratulations to Christine Moondancer, Abbie Springer, Lynley Elliot, and the rest of the CirqueLouis cast and crew on another incredible performance!  I cannot wait to see what new tricks they have up their sleeves for their next show in June 2017!

Click the link and check out the pictures below and more!  CirqueLouis' Pinocchio Gallery

CirqueLouis - Louisville Performing Arts Photography - Aer Portrait-2.JPG