Behind the Scenes: Aerial Beasts

I look forward to every time that I get to work with CirqueLouis.  Whether it's at a show, shooting promotional material for their next show or website, or working one on one with a performer, photographing this bunch of self-proclaimed "Circus Freaks" is always some of the most fun I have behind the camera.  While these performers are strictly business when on stage, behind the scenes they are full of laughter, constantly building each other up, and creating a positive environment that allows everyone around them to succeed.

As shown in the final images, each Aerial Beast is extremely strong, flexible, and beautiful.  As any of the performers will most likely tell you, doing these moves in a show is one thing and doing them for a photoshoot is a whole different animal in itself.  It requires an entirely different level in endurance and strength when they have to hold each move for several seconds or even minutes in some cases.  Because of this added level of difficulty, I had the pleasure of getting several "blooper" images.  While the final images capture the strength and beauty of each of the Aerial Beasts, these capture the non-performance mode side of these amazingly talented women.  

CirqueLouis Aerial Beasts - AER Portrait

The Aerial Beasts photoshoot was one of the most fun photoshoots I have done.  Things were off to a great start right upon arrival when we found out that the gym's heaters were not working.  Of course the Aerial Beasts were just overly joyed to be photographed in a cold gym on a concrete floor and in very little clothing! (Note Jessica bundled up for the initial lighting tests.)

Cold gym aside, the rest of the shoot was nothing but laughter and general goofing off with a little bit of seriousness mixed in.  These amazing Aerial Beasts are such a joy to work with and I can't wait to continue my Fitness meets Art series with them in 2017!

Check out the final images from the Aerial Beasts photoshoot here.