Circus Season 2017 is here!

For more than sixty years, Turners has put on a circus in Louisville.  In the past few years this annual event has grown to include over two hundred different performers showcasing their talents across two full weekends of shows in their gym on River Road.  Two years ago, this crazy journey toward AER Portrait began when I was asked by a friend to help him cover the 2015 Circus, "Checkmate," by Louisville Turners Circus.  I was totally enamored with the incredible strength, grace, and beauty, that all of the performers demonstrated as they flew through the air for hours and hours every weekend.

Today is opening day for rehearsals for Louisville Turners Circus' 2017 show, Stagecoach! This past week my social media feeds have been flooded with posts from the performers getting excited for the preparations to begin for their big show in March and that excitement has rubbed off on me.  I always get excited for their big shows.  No two shows are ever the same and it's exciting for me to see what new things they have come up with.  

Before this post get too long, I will stop here.  Really, this post was all about saying that I'm excited for all of the Turners Circus performers and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us come March!  And of course, I have to show off some of my favorite images from circuses past!