Dancing in the Streets Preview: Marcalley

Since the launch of AER Portrait ideas and dreams that I have envisioned over the last few years are being realized.  From creating a brand solely dedicated to working with the performing arts community to branching out beyond Louisville, 2017 has been an exciting year already and we are still only in the first month!  Yesterday, I was able to cross another item off of my photographic "bucket list;" photographing a dancer on the streets of downtown Louisville.

AER Portrait is about all performing arts and up until yesterday my portfolio was 100% filled with Aerial and Circus artists.  Late last year, I began coordinating, planning, and scheduling several shoots to expand and rebuild my portfolio.  I reached out to Marcalley, who I had met earlier in 2016 through CirqueLouis, and with a short explanation of what I had in mind for session.  She agreed to collaborate with me on the this project but due to the fact that she was preparing for the lead role in CirqueLouis' Pinocchio last December we needed to postpone until after the show (which she was amazing in by the way).  As soon as we saw that we were finally going to have decent weather and a break from the seemingly endless rain, we started planning the finer details of the shoot.  

We spent all morning yesterday wandering around downtown capturing some amazing images and below is just a quick preview of what were able to create.  More to come later!