Fitness Meets Art - CirqueLouis' Aerial Beasts

Photography, like most other things in life, is never truly mastered.  There are always skills that need honing, new techniques that can be learned, and not to mention having to keep up the ever changing technology in the photo world today.  For me, creating personal projects is the best way to try out new things before bringing them onto a shoot for paying client.  It's my opportunity to experiment, fail, and learn from my mistakes, so that when it comes time to put incorporate something new into a job it goes off without a hitch.  In the past, these projects have typically been their own standalone collection of images.  With the recent inception of AER Portrait and with the help of my amazing friends at CirqueLouis, I have created the beginnings of a new photo series: Fitness meets Art.

From very early on in my photographic journey, I have been inspired by ESPN's Body Issue images.  Fitness meets Art will have a similar theme as the images for this series will focus heavily on the bodies of performers.  This series is all about showcasing the strength and conditioning that is required to pull off the amazing moves that aerialists, dancers, and other performing artists showcase during a performance.  This series will be sub-divided into three collections: Focus, Flow, and Flight.


Focus is all about capturing the level of strength and fitness that these performers have achieved in order to perform all of these truly breath-taking moves in the air and on the ground.


Flow will showcase the graceful and precise motions carried out by dancers and ground performers throughout their performances.


And last but not least, I cannot forget about the performers that soar high above the stage.  Flight is all about capturing the beauty and strength that is put into every aerial routine.

The Aerial Beasts of CirqueLouis were the modes for the first in a collection of the series Fitness meets Art by AER.  The Aerial Beasts are a group of women who have dedicated their passion and drive to performing aerial circus arts in the Louisville area.  The training for some has lasted a majority of their lives; others have a newer start but train hard with a personal work ethic unmatched.  All learn and perform with a devotion to their art form and the way it’s presented to their audience.


"CirqueLouis was honored to be chosen for a collaborative art project for the brand new concept photography company, AER Portrait.  Working together with Alex, founder and photographer of AER, we are capturing the difference aspects of training our performance art - from ground to air, practice to performance, and everything in between."

- Abbie Springer, Co-Founder CirqueLouis


I'm excited to see this series grow and develop over the next several months.  Check out the amazing Aerial Beasts below!