Louisville Turners Revue: Nightmare

It's been a while since I've been back at Louisville Turners to photograph a review.  I'm so glad that I made Nightmare my first show back!  Nightmare, a Halloween themed show, was organized, hosted, and performed entirely by the kids at Turners and they created an incredible show! 

The MC's for the night were none other than a clown whose biggest fear was zombies and a zombie whose biggest fear was clowns.  This made for some funny commentary between acts that kept the crowd entertained while the stage was being set for the next act.

I have probably said this a thousand times but, it has been a joy to continue to photograph this group of self-proclaimed circus freaks.  Over the last three years I have watched this group of young performers develop and grow their skills as aerialists and it is truly impressive to see what they can do now.  I am truly excited to see what they all have in store for their annual showcase coming in early 2018, Bayou!

Click the link and check out the pictures below and more!  Turners Circus Revue: Nightmare

AER Portrait-0928.jpg