First in Flight: Silks with Laura

This past weekend I had the opportunity to begin another piece of my Fitness meets Art series: Flight.  I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Laura, who you may recognize from my recent Aerial Beasts photoshoot, once again. Laura is an incredible aerialist who has been training, teaching, and performing aerial arts for the past five years.  


Laura also introduced me to a new location; Bella Forza Fitness in Lexington, KY.  Shooting in new locations is always a fun and exciting experience.  New locations provide an opportunity to explore techniques that may not work in other locations.

A new venue can also provide new challenges which you have to work through in order to create amazing images.  Sometimes your vision for a shot has to change based upon the location.  Laura and I had discussed experimenting with some drops and motion blur to show the spins and movement she goes through as she drops.  To get that kind of shot requires the room to be in almost complete darkness.  Unfortunately, there is a large sky light in the ceiling that was flooding Bella Forza with daylight and, while we got close to capturing what I had envisioned, we weren't able to get it absolutely perfect.  After several tries, we ditched the motion blur idea and were still able to capture an awesome image of Laura mid-way through a star drop.

Challenges aside, yesterday's shoot was a great way to open up the next collection in my Fitness meets Art series and I am looking forward to continuing to build this series over the course of 2017.  Additionally, I'm glad that Laura introduced me to Bella Forza and I am looking forward to working with her and others there soon!