Louisville Turners Circus 67th Annual Circus: Stagecoach

Two weekends, eight shows, over one hundred performers and volunteers, and three months of practicing with even more months of planning and preparing, is what it takes to put on Louisville Turners annual circus performance.  For sixty-seven consecutive years, Louisville Turners has enamored the Louisville community with high flying aerial acts, stunning ground acrobatics, and simply awe inspiring fire routines.  This year, Turners invites you to travel back to the 1840's and tag along on their journey by Stagecoach to the Wild West in search of gold and a better a life. 


Turners' annual circus is one of my favorites to photograph.  Because there are eight show times, I have the opportunity to experiment with different vantage points, lenses, techniques, and more throughout the course of the two weekends.  This gives me the freedom to push my own photographic boundaries without fear of not adequately covering the show.  The first couple of shows I will photograph the same way I would as if they were the only two shows; after that, it's play time.  For the rest of the shows, I'll put limits on myself like only shooting with one lens, incorporating lens flare, or a compositional restriction, just to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.  Usually, I end up with some of my favorite photos from doing this.

The photo below came from forcing myself to go to a different vantage point than I normally shoot Ladders.  This apparatus has been one I feel like I've struggled to get a great shot of over the last few years. For the most part, I've always stood directly in front of the ladders and focused on one pair of performers for a while and then moved on to the next pair and so on. I decided to switch things up a bit and moved over to the side and grabbed a wider lens. I love seeing all three ladders in the front row in this one shot! This is probably my favorite Ladders photo I've ever captured!

Louisville Performing Arts Photography - Turners Circus - AER Portrait 42

If you have not gone to see Louisville Turners Circus' Stagecoach, I highly encourage you do so this weekend.  Four more shows from Friday through Sunday will be performed at their gym on River Road.  For more information follow this link

Below are some of my favorite images from the first weekend of shows.  The full gallery of photos from Stagecoach will go live on Monday, March 20th.  Follow the link below to be notified as soon as the gallery is live!

Louisville Turners Circus: Stagecoach Gallery