You've spent countless hours in the gym lifting, running, and training.  Whether you've been bulking up to look like the Thor or you've just been working towards a lower weight, you're doing something that is worth celebrating.  Why not celebrate by cementing your new looking in time with a portrait session aimed a highlighting your successes?



Beginning with the initial booking, together we will plan out every detail of your session.  This is a collaboration between you and I. From learning the styles of photos you enjoy to creating the wardrobe, we will tailor your shoot specifically for you!



If I had a dime for every time someone said, "we can try some fitness shots but, I'm not that muscular." I would be a very rich man.  Over years of sessions, I have developed a lighting style designed to make the incredible muscles you have stand out like never before!



You've worked hard.  You've put in countless hours training, sacrificed dozens and dozens of desserts.  Maybe you haven't reached your goals yet but why not go ahead and reward yourself for the progress you have made?  Celebrate your fitness with some amazing photos of you!