Think about all of the times you've had your picture taken.  Not that quick selfie before going out with your friends last night but, professionally.  Maybe it was for your wedding or graduation or a family portrait.  For most people, unless you are a model, professional portraits are usually reserved for celebrating milestones and special occasions.  But what if they weren't?  What if the next time you had your portrait taken professionally was just for you?  What if the next time you just celebrated you

Boudoir portraits are the perfect way to celebrate you.  Our bodies tell a story, each one unique. For you maybe it's tells the story of countless hours spent in the gym, maybe the story is a house full of kids, maybe a bit of both, or something different all together.  No matter what your story is, this time in your life is worth celebrating.  



Beginning with the initial booking, together we will plan out every detail of your session.  This is a collaboration between you and I. From learning the styles of photos you enjoy to creating the wardrobe, we will tailor your shoot specifically for you!

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I hear it all the time, "But, I don't know how to pose!"  How could you?  You're likely not a professional model with years of training. That is OK.  I have years of experience in posing and I will coach through each shot step by step.  Your job is to have fun Celebrating YOU.



Boudoir portraits are unlike any other portrait you have taken. It's just you. While that may be a terrifying thought, these portraits will reinvigorate the confidence in yourself and serve as reminder each and day that you are beautiful just the way you are!

Miss J.

"I am typically a confident, self-assured person but I was still nervous because this was something like I had never done before.  Still, I was excited and had full confidence in Alex as we had done some Performing Arts and Fitness sessions in the past.  Alex treated the session as if it were any other session— he didn’t act weird or nervous. His calm behavior directly translated to me being calm. He made suggestions, but wasn’t pushy— I felt very respected the whole time.  I loved my photos and wanted more!  Alex is the best person for the job and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Miss O.

"I was very nervous before my session with Alex because I am someone who is shy and a bit self-concious.  At same time, I was also very excited because I'm someone who likes to push beyond my comfort zone and try new things.  Within the first five minutes, Alex was able to make me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and my nervousness was gone.  I left the session super happy and couldn't stop thinking about what a truly great experience it was!"

Miss L.

" I was excited and the day of, kind of anxious. It was a new experience and I usually start to overthink things when I'm not totally sure what to expect. I was worried about posing more than anything, but that ended up being super easy.  Alex was super prepared and helpful when I needed a bit of guidance.  The session was very comfortable, relaxed, and fun!  Alex set the pace of the shoot really well and helped me ease into it. It wasn't awkward or stressful at all.  He did not put a lot of pressure on me and I could just relax and enjoy the day while getting some really gorgeous photos. I definitely had the 'wow that's me!?!' moment a few times.  I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone!  It was nice way to see yourself from a different perspective and be wowed. Thank you, Alex!!!!!"

I take the privacy and comfort of my clients very seriously.  Because of that, my Boudoir portfolio is kept semi-private.  All photos in my portfolio have been approved for sharing from the women in each photo.  If you would like to see sample images of my work please contact me.



A Boudoir Portrait Session starts at $200.  I am here to guide you through the entire experience; from planning the session and capturing amazing images of you, to helping you select the best format and sizes to display your photos (in your home or privately).  Want to know more?  Email me and I would love to talk with you in more detail and review my full pricing!


Only if you are comfortable with it.  Your comfort and privacy are extremely important to me.  I have been given permission from every woman featured on my website to share their images.  If you do give your permission, I would love to use your photos to show other women as a way for them to see what the experience is all about!


Yes ABSOLUTELY!  I want you to be 100% comfortable during your session.  If that means having a friend there with you then bring them along.  Better yet, ask about my specials for booking with your friends and turn the day into a girls day/night out!  You'll be getting your hair and makeup done for the session and feeling more confident about yourself than you may ever have before so why not go out and show the world?


Yes, I am a male boudoir photographer and while this may be a point of hesitation for some women, others actually do prefer it.  I can assure that your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance to me and I keep the sessions very professional, comfortable, and fun! 

Considering a Boudoir Experience?  Want to see a full sample gallery of images?

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