Think about all of the times you've had your picture taken; not that quick selfie before going out with your friends last night but, professionally.  Maybe it was for your wedding or graduation or a family portrait.  For most people, unless you are a model, professional portraits are usually reserved for celebrating milestones and special occasions.  But what if they weren't?  What if the next time you had your portrait taken professionally was just for you?  What if the next time you just celebrated you

Boudoir portraits are the perfect way to celebrate you.  Our bodies tell a story, each one unique, each one just as beautiful as the others. For you maybe it's tells the story of countless hours spent in the gym, maybe the story is a house full of kids, maybe a bit of both, or something different all together.  No matter what your story is, this time in your life is worth celebrating.  

AER Portrait | Louisville, KY Boudoir Photography


Beginning with the initial booking, together we will plan out every detail of your session.  This is a collaboration between you and I. From learning the styles of photos you enjoy to creating the wardrobe, we will tailor your shoot specifically for you!

AER Portrait | Louisville, KY Boudoir Photography


I hear it all the time, "But, I don't know how to pose!"  How could you?  You're likely not a professional model with years of training. That is OK.  I have years of experience in posing and I will coach through each shot step by step.  Your job is to have fun Celebrating YOU.

AER Portrait | Louisville, KY Boudoir Photography


Boudoir portraits are unlike any other portrait you have taken. It's just you. While that may be a terrifying thought, these portraits will reinvigorate the confidence in yourself and serve as reminder each and day that you are beautiful just the way you are!



There’s this moment in every boudoir session, where everything changes. It’s monumental, almost tangible. The apprehension and tension finally breaks. In an instant, thoughts like, “ugh, I hate these stretch marks” or “I wish I were 10 pounds lighter” vanish from existence. It’s that moment the woman being photographed experiences a monumental shift in how she sees herself. She goes from only seeing all the “negatives” about her body to, “There’s no way that’s me! I look like a freaking model!” That is my favorite thing about Boudoir and it happens in every session!

Boudoir is not simply photographs in lingerie; it’s a journey. Every session starts the same way, nervousness and thoughts of “What the heck did I sign up for? There’s no way I will ever be as beautiful as (Fill in the Blank).” Then the camera starts clicking. With each click the mindset starts to shift, and like a hammer and chisel chipping away at stone, the negative viewpoint shatters and she finally sees what the world sees; a beautiful woman, perfect the way she is. Boudoir changes the way you think and feel about yourself. It’s conquering your fears. It’s letting go and believing in yourself. Boudoir is a celebration of you and the story your body tells about your incredible life!



This is it; this is your chance to take an afternoon and just celebrate yourself. You have earned this experience and you deserve to treat yourself! NOW is the perfect opportunity to truly show yourself what everyone else already sees; the power and beauty that you already possess. I cannot wait for you to have your own transformative moment where you begin to see yourself in a way that you haven’t in a really long time or even ever before.

Boudoir is a truly amazing experience that invites you to cast off all of the worldly pressures and beauty standards and JUST BE YOU. Fun, exciting, romantic, sexy, BEAUTIFUL, and everything else that can’t be put into words. Ignore the voice in your head continually says you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, and say hello. I would love to hear from you!

Your Story is worth celebrating.

AER Portrait was founded on this idea of “Celebrate YOUR Story” and letting your body be the voice of that story. While this idea started as a way for performers and bodybuilders to celebrate the story of the hours of dedication and hard work that went into mastering their art or reaching that weight goal, it applies 100% to Boudoir Portraits as well. Maybe you’re one of those performers or bodybuilders looking for a different way to celebrate the body you’ve built chasing your goals. Maybe you’re recently engaged, graduated college, or you just simply want to spend a day pampering yourself. No matter what your story is, it is uniquely yours and uniquely beautiful. It deserves to be celebrated.

Challenge your comfort zone.

Think about the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone. Did it take you weeks, months, or even years, to finally build up the courage to do it? Probably. Was worth it? I hope so. But, I would be willing to bet that when you finally did it you came away saying, “That wasn’t that scary” or “Let’s do that again!” Better yet, “Let’s push further.” Why not take that same leap with a style of photography that leaves most saying, “I could never do that.” Challenge yourself, take the leap into Boudoir Photography and you will find yourself wanting to do it again. Don’t believe me? Read the testimonials down the page.

Rediscover your confidence or see yourself like never before.

“You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you something great will come of it.”

I’m a bit of a movie nerd and I love this quote from “We Bought a Zoo.” I don’t think I can speak enough about the power that these photos have. I’ve seen it. It’s a complete transformation of how a woman sees herself. Or it at least empowers her to rediscover the confidence she used to have. Boudoir has this power because it’s just you. It’s putting aside all of your insecurities for a couple of hours and realizing that they don’t really matter. You are still a beautiful woman, just as you have always been.

It’s a workout.

There is nothing sexy about making sexy poses; it’s a workout. Ok, that might be a slight over exaggeration but its mostly true. Posing for boudoir portraits can be hard work. You will be bending, flexing, and arching in ways that you don’t often do in order to create the amazing photos that you are wanting at the end of your Boudoir session. So you need to get your workout in for the day anyways, why not have beautiful pictures taken at the same time?

It’s a gift.

“But I’m single, who am I gifting these too?” I have a firm belief that Boudoir Portraits are first and foremost a gift to yourself. I’ve seen it countless times, a client comes in and says “I’m doing this for my husband/boyfriend.” By the end of the shoot, she’s almost totally forgotten about him, she wants these photos for her. The fact that they get to be shared with him is just bonus. We all deserve to treat ourselves and a Boudoir Portrait Session is an excellent way to do that.

Bonus: Why not?

Seriously, what’s stopping you? Why would you not want to have a day where you get pampered with hair and make up and then have gorgeous photos taken of you?

It’s like having a Super Power.

In 2017, studies indicated that 1.2 TRILLION (yes with a “T”) photos would be taken in that year alone! Taking a photo is easy; we’ve all done it. You can pull your phone out right now and start adding to that 1.2 trillion number. Taking a photo is no big deal. But what if I told you that the next time you clicked that button on your phone it would completely and wholeheartedly transform the way someone sees their self? What if I told you it would erase thoughts like, “I am so fat” or “I hate my (insert body part)” and replace it with “I look like a freaking model!” Welcome to the world of Boudoir Portraiture.

I see it in every single Boudoir Session. The shoot begins with my client in near total terror of the fact that they actually signed up to strip down their underwear in front of a total stranger to have their photo taken. As the shoot progresses, their mindset begins to shift. Every time I click a button and that shutter goes off, you see the self-confidence start to build from the moment I show them the back of the camera. I hear it multiple times during shoots, “I can’t believe that’s me!” It is so incredibly amazing to me that with the simple click of a button I can completely transform the lens that my client sees herself through. She goes from someone who is comparing herself to these unrealistic beauty standards that society defines to “I look amazingly beautiful as I am. RIGHT NOW.” This is by far the number one reason why I have chosen to pursue the world of Boudoir Portraits.

I love the challenge.

Ask almost any photographer this question, “What’s the hardest part of photography?” I can almost guarantee that their response will be “posing people.” Posing is hard. It takes years to learn and I’m not really sure that it can ever be truly mastered. There is always more learn. Boudoir Portraits add an extra layer of challenge to that already difficult to solve equation; little to no clothing. That lack of wardrobe takes the difficulty of posing from an 8 on a scale of 10 to what can sometimes feel like 1000 at first. You have a person standing in front you and your camera wearing almost nothing and they are trusting you to make them look like a rock star. Oh, and they’re also counting on you to do just that; their self-confidence is hanging on that. No pressure right? That is what I love about Boudoir Portraiture; the fact that someone has put their complete trust in me to help them create an incredible series of photographs of them. Wardrobe, lighting, posing, and location, are all just the puzzle pieces that have to come together in the right sequence to achieve our goal. I love that challenge and I love that it forces me to continually grow and improve as a photographer.

Miss J.

"I am typically a confident, self-assured person but I was still nervous because this was something like I had never done before. Still, I was excited and had full confidence in Alex as we had done some Performing Arts and Fitness sessions in the past. Alex treated the session as if it were any other session— he didn’t act weird or nervous. His calm behavior directly translated to me being calm. He made suggestions, but wasn’t pushy— I felt very respected the whole time. I loved my photos and wanted more! Alex is the best person for the job and I would recommend him to anyone!"

Miss O.

"I was very nervous before my session with Alex because I am someone who is shy and a bit self-concious. At same time, I was also very excited because I'm someone who likes to push beyond my comfort zone and try new things. Within the first five minutes, Alex was able to make me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and my nervousness was gone. I left the session super happy and couldn't stop thinking about what a truly great experience it was!"

Miss L.

" I was excited and the day of, kind of anxious. It was a new experience and I usually start to overthink things when I'm not totally sure what to expect. I was worried about posing more than anything, but that ended up being super easy. Alex was super prepared and helpful when I needed a bit of guidance. The session was very comfortable, relaxed, and fun! Alex set the pace of the shoot really well and helped me ease into it. It wasn't awkward or stressful at all. He did not put a lot of pressure on me and I could just relax and enjoy the day while getting some really gorgeous photos. I definitely had the 'wow that's me!?!' moment a few times. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone! It was nice way to see yourself from a different perspective and be wowed. Thank you, Alex!!!!!"

I take the privacy and comfort of my clients very seriously.  Because of that, my Boudoir portfolio is kept semi-private.  All photos in my portfolio have been approved for sharing from the women in each photo.  If you would like to see sample images of my work please contact me.

AER Portrait | Louisville, KY Boudoir Photography

 Men and women typically view women differently.

Ok you’re probably thinking, “DUH!” but, understanding this concept and how it affects Boudoir Photography is important. What men and women find beautiful or sexy are usually very different. If you’ve ever looked at Boudoir Portraits by a male photographer and compared them to those of a female photographer, you have probably seen a bit of a difference. In general, boudoir portraits by a male will probably be a bit more dramatic and edgy. This allows for the emotions behind the photo really come through in the end result. Female boudoir photographers trend more to the bright, soft, and reserved style. There is no right or wrong answer here. You should choose the photographer whose style fits yours but, be aware there is typically a difference.

Professionals, male OR female, are focused on the photo.

When I am photographing you, I’m not really looking at “you.” My mind is focused on about 12 other things in that moment. Hair, pose, light, aperture, shutter speed, and all of the other things that have to come together to make an incredible photo. This will be true regardless of whether the photographer is male or female. If they are a professional photographer, they are focused on doing their job and not “checking you out.”

A male perspective can be helpful when selecting images.

I firmly believe that the primary purpose of Boudoir Portraits is not, “sexy photos for the significant other.” That being said, it is often the reason that they are taken because it’s an easy justification for doing the session. On countless occasions, as I am working with a client on selecting her images to fill the album she’ll say, “You’re a guy, what will do you think he’ll like?” Now, you may say, “He’s my husband/boyfriend, I know what he likes” but, we’ll be reviewing a LOT of photos (almost to the point of overwhelming in a good way) so it’s always helpful to have that second opinion there.

It can be easier to show your sexy side.

Common knowledge is that it can be easier for a person to show their sexier side to a person of the opposite sex because its familiar to them. At some point in your life, you have flirted and interacted with guys with the goal of attracting their attention. For some, it can be easier to recall those feelings and emotions with a male photographer which in turn helps convey the right emotions in your final boudoir photos.

If you’re comfortable, gender doesn’t matter.

You are about to do one of the most vulnerable things you can. Think about the number of friends you have. Now think about the number of them that you would be comfortable walking around in your underwear for two hours. The second number is probably considerably smaller right? When choosing a photographer for your Boudoir Portrait Session, you need to make sure you are comfortable with him or her. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your photos and no amount of Photoshop can fix that. Like I said earlier, if they’re professional, gender won’t matter.


A Boudoir Portrait Session starts at $200.  I am here to guide you through the entire experience; from planning the session and capturing amazing images of you, to helping you select the best format and sizes to display your photos (in your home or privately).  Want to know more?  Email me and I would love to talk with you in more detail and review my full pricing!


Only if you are comfortable with it.  Your comfort and privacy are extremely important to me.  I have been given permission from every woman featured on my website to share their images.  If you do give your permission, I would love to use your photos to show other women as a way for them to see what the experience is all about!


Yes ABSOLUTELY!  I want you to be 100% comfortable during your session.  If that means having a friend there with you then bring them along.  Better yet, ask about my specials for booking with your friends and turn the day into a girls day/night out!  You'll be getting your hair and makeup done for the session and feeling more confident about yourself than you may ever have before so why not go out and show the world?


Yes, I am a male boudoir photographer and while this may be a point of hesitation for some women, others actually do prefer it.  I can assure that your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance to me and I keep the sessions very professional, comfortable, and fun! Also, see above.

AER Portrait | Louisville, KY Boudoir Photography

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