Two days of Photographic Toolkit building!

Foundations of Photography is back and I have made a lot of changes and improvements based on last year's workshop.  Last year I created the Foundations of Photography workshop to help share the things that I have learned over the years that have helped me grow as a photographer.  In the class we started with the fundamentals, building what I like to call a “photographic toolkit” that enabled us to capture great images in any scenario.  We covered a lot of material in a single day; too much information for just one day.  I have restructured and reformatted the course to span two full days. 

Foundations of Photography 2018 Volume I.jpg


  • The Photographer's Toolkit: From setting up your camera and knowing what the different buttons, knobs, and settings do to covering different composition techniques for better photos.   

  • Hands On Learning: We'll take the course work out into the world and do several different shoots practicing different things like: shooting in low light, photographing groups, etc.   

  • Introduction to Editing: The day will finish with a walkthrough of importing the photos into Adobe Lightroom, selecting the best shots, editing them, and then exporting them for different media (facebook, Instagram, print, etc.) 

Foundations of Photography 2018 Volume II.jpg


  • Assumed that you know everything covered in Volume I or you have taken Volume I.

  • This class will cover both natural light and flash.  Much like Volume 1 in covering how to use the settings and buttons on your camera to create your vision, we'll do the same thing but in the flash world covering both speedlights and strobes.   

  • Shaping Light: Learn different techniques for modifying light and how to use those tools to further enhance your artistic vision.   

  • Hands On Learning: We'll get out of the classroom and do actual shoots so that you can put the techniques into action to really get an understanding of how they work. 

Full Course Bundle | $225

Volumes I and II of my Foundations of Photography workshop are meant to build off of one another.  Volume I will cover the basics of using the camera to create your artistic vision.  Volume II is meant to further expand your Photographer's Toolkit in order to further aid in your abilities to create your vision.  If you want to attend both, which I strongly encourage, you can do so at a discounted rate!