Photographing aerials (especially at Louisville Turners) has been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done with a camera.  You’re in a dark room trying to capture split second movements of strength, beauty, and grace, all while trying to get the settings within the camera, focus, composition, lighting, and exposure right at the same time.  Trying to juggle (no pun intended) all of these things at the same time is a seemingly daunting task that will lead many to give up and put the camera down. 

I have created this Foundations of Photography workshop to help share the things that I have learned over the years that have helped me grow as a photographer.  In this class we will start with the fundamentals, building what I like to call a “photographic toolkit” that will enable us to capture great images in any scenario.  As the workshop progresses forward we will then take these fundamentals and apply them to aerials and I will further breakdown what is going through my mind as a show is happening.  Prepare for a fun, full day of hands on learning with lots of shooting, asking questions, trying new techniques, and getting some great images along the way!

Cost: $150 per person

This class will be a fun day full of learning, experimenting, and developing your skills as photographers in order to take your photos to the next level!  For this first workshop, I will be limiting this class to:

12 students

so don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!  Registration will be handled on a first come first served basis and will open at:

10:00AM July 1, 2017  

A form will appear at the bottom of this page at that time.


If you are looking to improve your photography and more specifically around circus and aerials, this class is for you!

•A DSLR (Canon Rebel, Nikon D5500, etc.) is required.

•Basic knowledge of your camera - If you can turn it on automatic, take pictures, and look at them on the back, that is all I’m looking for.  We will go through most what the buttons, knobs, numbers, etc. mean during the workshop. 

•An interest in building your photographic toolkit and learning how that can apply to circus and aerials



Cameras and Lenses are some of the physical pieces of the photographic toolkit.  Like a wrench for a mechanic, there is a certain time and place for different cameras and lenses and in this workshop we will cover the differences in cameras and lenses, what equipment I use, and what I would recommend if you are looking to upgrade to help improve your photos in the future.


The most fundamental skill any photographer needs is the understanding of how to set their equipment to produce the image that they have in mind.  Having the ability to manipulate exposure quickly and effectively is essential to all types of photography and especially in aerials because if you have to think about what to do, you’ve already missed the moment.

In this section we’ll break down the exposure triangle and understand the pros and cons to tweaking each leg of that triangle.  If you don’t know what the exposure triangle is, that’s ok!  We’ll cover that too.


Seeing and reading the light quality on a scene is arguably more important than being able to understand all of the functions on your camera.  In this segment, we’ll go outside and dive into how light can be quantified (shape, intensity, etc.) and what options we have to harness that light and utilize it to create our vision for the photograph. 

In the second half of the day, this will evolve into reading the light available to us during a show.  I will breakdown what I’m looking for and thinking about, from a lighting perspective, during a performance and demonstrate that on a live model.



The title says it all.  The second half of the day is all about taking the fundamentals and applying it photographing aerials.  I will go through a “play by play” of what is going through my head and how my camera is set up during showcases to ensure that I have the best possible chance of capturing each and every moment of a performance.


There is no better way to learn than by doing.  We will have 6-8 performances from various Turners members, on a variety of apparatus, so that we can learn firsthand.

Between each act, we will take some time to answer questions and work through issues anyone had before we move on to the next act.


The photo is not complete until it has gone through the editing process.  This was even true back in the days of film believe it or not!  I will give a quick walkthrough of the software I use, my process for sorting through all of the pictures from a show, selecting the ones to keep, and my process for editing them. 


August 12, 2017

8AM - 5PM


Louisville Turners Circus

3125 River Rd.

Louisville, KY 40207