In the weeks before our session there are a lot of things that happen.  We have to plan everything out from the date to what you'll wear during the session. 

The Booking

If you're on this page, we have already completed this step.  We have set a date and time and all that's left is to make sure that we are ready to capture the most beautiful images of you on that day!

The Welcome Packet

Again, if you are here, then you have already booked and received your Welcome Packet in the mail.  That packet is there to help guide you through this pre-session process.  It contains some general information on what to wear, what to bring, etc.  

This is the web version of that welcome packet.  It contains even more information and examples of my past work to help further guide and inspire you for our time together.

The Mood Board

This is probably one of the most important parts of my Pre-Session routines with clients because it is what we will as our guide for style of images you love and want to create.  This is my guide for understanding the types of imagery you are drawn to.  The lighting styles, colors, etc. I strongly encourage you, if you haven't already, to start posting lots and lots of photos to our mood board on Pinterest.  Just let me know what you like about each one.  It could be the photo as a whole or maybe just the lighting, or the pose, or the outfit.  Whatever it is, let me know!

The Pose List

If the Mood Board is the most important Pre-Shoot tool, the Pose List is the second.  This is our "timeline" for the session.  It is a plan for the moves, sequences, and techniques that you know you really want to showcase.  When it comes to aerials and dance this is essential to have.  I can tell you from experience, that clients that have not done this usually say after their session, "Oh, I wish I would have done this move" and I do not want to leave you saying the same thing.  Spend some time either writing a list out or even creating a board on Pinterest as a pictorial list to bring with you to the session.

The Wardrobe

The Session

This is it, we're here!  It's time to put all of that planning to action.  Two and a half hours of CELEBRATING YOU!  I encourage you to arrive early and give yourself time to stretch and get warmed up before we begin shooting.  Come dressed comfortably; no need to put on the first outfit ahead of time.  We'll start by laying out all of the outfits you brought and talk through the progression of what you'll wear for each shot.  Once we get a rough order established, you'll change into the first outfit and we'll get started.

Be prepared to work and be prepared to be exhausted by the end.  For my aerialists, based on previous sessions this will be one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, things you'll do in the air.  You will be holding poses for significantly longer spans of time than you would during a performance and you'll likely be doing them multiple times just to ensure that we get the perfect photo.  

Post Session

About two weeks after our session we'll meet up to review and order your beautiful images.

The Order Session